Southern Vascular is a specialist vascular surgical clinic.

We provide individualised specialist-based treatment of vascular surgical conditions, including:

and we treat a large variety of conditions related to Vascular surgery, including:

Vascular surgery has evolved in the last 20 years to become a speciality separate from general surgery. The specific technical demands of complicated and long operations on arteries and veins led to this separation. This became reflected in the vascular surgical training program which encompassed early general surgery training, followed by vascular surgical specialisation. Most vascular surgeons came to restrict their practice to vascular surgery, despite dual general and vascular qualification. The training programs and qualifications are now separate.

The revolution in vascular surgery over the last 10-15 years has been the switch to Endovascular surgery. Many arterial operations can now be held in reserve for severe cases. Patients can be treated by angioplasty or stenting to good effect with reasonable safety and durability.

Over the last 5-10 years, varicose vein surgery has fallen out of favour, and is being replaced by venous procedures in the rooms (ie: laser and sclerotherapy). These avoid surgery, anaesthesia, and hospitalisation, and are reasonably effective in the control of varicose vein disease.

Our clinic provides surgically-based opinions and management which may include surgical operations, but emphasises minimally-invasive arterial endovascular procedures and endovenous venous procedures. Our website reflects these interests, and outlines the scope of our clinics' expertise.